Haters be hating

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Here's what I find funny. You expect me to be Mr. Nice Guy, even though someone started 2 different threads bashing RAW? Are you fucking serious? lol Why would I be willing to listen to advice from people like that? Approaching people face to face and having this conversation is one thing, but you knowingly created these threads to "embarrass" us or make us look bad. There's is absolutely no respect in what has occurred and because of that you have received zero respect from me. I can be respectful. You just haven't earned it. I will do you one favor though. I'm going to touch on a few topics that you guys have mentioned and give you my 100% honest opinion without any jokes, or sarcasm. However, it'll be the last time I say anything about them. Further debate about them will just result in a "fuck you" and a poor attitude.

The Ring: Yes, the ring is in bad shape. Yes, it needs fixed up. However, the ring RAW uses is actually a lot newer than most of the rings in Ohio. It's only been used for like 5 or 6 years. A couple hundred dollars would make it look like brand new. I completely agree that it should be fixed up before anyone wrestles in it.

Training: I actually can't confirm everyone's training, as I haven't wrestled every single person at RAW. I do know that there's been quite a few roster changes over the past couple months and half of guys in those pictures are no longer there. Also, most of the guys I've wrestled seem like they know what they're doing. You can question my credentials, but I trained for well over a year before I ever wrestled in front of a crowd. I've been on multiple shows, in front of hundreds of people and none of them were my friends, or family.

T-Shirts: I agree with you that wrestlers shouldn't wear t-shirts in the ring. However, only a couple of people actually do that. They should definitely take them off, unless it's a fitting gimmick and that's not very often. Those pictures are not a fair example of this topic. Are they the most professional pictures? Maybe not, but it's not like they're being used for any type of advertising.

Wrestling at a Bar: I still don't see anything wrong with this. You assumed that drunks walk in and make fun of us wrasslers, but it's no different than when a band plays at a bar. Like I said before, wrestling started gaining popularity at carnivals. Don't believe me? Do some research. "Originating as a sideshow exhibition in North American traveling carnivals and vaudeville halls..."

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