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I think what may be missed here when making fun of the draw is, it's not like it's a weekend, Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday afternoon show. It's a Tuesday night. Walk into any bar on a Tuesday night & either there's no one there or very few. Just let it go people. I worked there & learned a lot. It's a decent place to go & learn in the ring experience. Do you think AIW or PWO or IWC or PWX or any other local promotion is going to use some green rookie that they didn't train? No they are not. It's a chance to learn in the ring. Shawn Blaze works there, Marcus Knight works there, they have worked a lot of places, not yarders. Injuries happen & what happened to Chase is terrible but lord people, quit looking for someone to blame!

Posted on Feb 10, 2012, 5:21 AM

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