Re: RWA using untrained yarders again

by Jay (no login)

OK I think that since someone has apparently "called me out" I am going to post a reply to explain exactly what is going on.

You say that Bill is not trained yet I have personally spoken to Rocky about this kid many times. I even helped out as best I could with what I know whenever I was at the gym working on my own stuff. Bill Started training back in Late 2010 or very early 2011 with one of Rocky's training classes. (Keep in mind Rocky's classes have given us more people to watch as of the last few years like AKA, Dylan James and that Twisted Troy Matthews) He had been training one or twice a week(the exact number I am not sure of)for over 12 months with Rocky both wrestling and physically. At one point in time around 4 or 5 months ago while I was home a buddy who was starting to train with Rocky as well said "Hey man come down and check it out with me." so I did and I offered to help in anyway I can to the best of my own abilities. After working with Bill and the other kid for about three months straight I told bill while he needs some seasoning and actual in ring time to work on things like running the ropes and ring positioning he should start investing in his gear. So he did.

With everything being the way it is with guys leaving Derek asked me if I knew anyone who could fill in and yea I made the suggestion for Bill to fill in. So by all means ask Bill yourself about his training.

As far as I go people have been coming here on and off for years some good and some bad about my training and this is what I will say. Back in 2006 I wanted to start training with Rocky but he was not willing to train just one guy at the time due to whatever reason but he did show me how to bump and trow a kick and a punch so with that he asked me to be apart of the battle royal that year and in the process I found a group of guys willing to work with me and help me to get better along the way. It by far is NOT the route I would recommend to ANYBODY trying to get into the business. Because it wasnt at all the way I envisioned training. I learned fro guys who have been around a long time and I still reach out to clinics and seminars all the time to better myself.

BY all means if you have more questions you want answered I left my email because I am in no way afraid to answer questions regarding my history in this business. Its is absolutely pristine and perfect as you would deem fit??? Maybe not but it is what it is and I believe I am a better person because of it.


Posted on Feb 19, 2012, 12:34 PM

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