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Its probably because most adult men could give a shit about what certain bored, lonely old men do with their free time. The insults on the Chuck twitter are way out dated too. The stuff about Chuck and his drinking buddies is so 2008/2009. Roberts is barely ever out around the Pgh party scene ever since getting married a few years ago and I never see Hentai or Demarco together at all. Demarco doesn't hang out with anyone in Pittsburgh wrestling outside of Facade because theyre both burn outs and Shiima because his ego is so big he's better than everyone else. Hentai rolls with Idol, Rosa and that crew and is pretty vocal about how he hates Shiima and Chucks booking. But the Evil Chuck twitter won't shit on Shiima for anything personal because he's one of Doe's boys. The parody has become a parody of itself at this point. All the boys know its Sam and Noah and are just laughing at how sad they look now. They should just come clean about it being them at this point because the best punchline to the joke would be no one in the Pittsburgh area stepping to them about it. Pittsburgh guys are all talk.

Posted on Feb 26, 2012, 1:43 PM

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