NWA Anarchy 3/31 "Hardcore Hell" Cornelia, GA results

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Any lingering doubt that the Franklin Dove NWA Anarchy would return to prominence on the Georgia wrestling scene was put to rest Saturday night at Hardcore Hell 2012. The NWA Arena in Cornelia, GA was packed with fans who were hot for all seven matches, that saw John Skyler become the new NWA Anarchy Young Lions Champion, Shaun Tempers become a duel champion adding the the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight title, Ambassador Chris Mayne out of Anarchy after losing in a bloody Texas Tornado tag, and a Main Event that saw the NWA Elite victorious as Jeff G Bailey pinned Brody Chase after a heel turn nobody saw coming and had the capacity crowd incensed.

Todd Sexton opened the show by calling out Adrian Hawkins but instead got Andrew Pendelton III and The Texas Tornados (Kilgore & Ramirez). After a brief exchange on the mike and a brief mike failure, Sexton was attacked by the three heels until familiar music preceded the arrival of the Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn) with Dan Wilson who cleared the ring to a big reaction from the already hot crowd. Wilson suggested a 6 man tag and the 1st match began. Andrew Pendelton submitted to Todd Sextons sharpshooter.

The promoted John Skyler vs Anthony Henry Young Lions Title match became a 3 way sudden death match with the addition of Steven Walters. With Walters down and out after a series of big move, Henry caught Skyler in the Texas Cloverleaf and as fan chanted tap, Skyler was able to get a hand on Walters who was flat on his back. John Skyler pinned Steven Walters to become the new NWA Anarchy Young Lions Champion. A very strong, and well executed finish that caught the crowd off guard. It was announced later in the show that Anthony Henry would get a rematch with Skyler for the Young Lions Title at the next NWA Anarchy show on April 14.

Seth Delay and Bo Newsome matched up well in the next match for the NWA Anarchy TV Title, and it looked like Newsome had Delay pinned but the ref saw Newsomes feet on the ropes. As Newsome complain to the ref, Delay recovered and hooked him with a school boy and with the ref focused elsewhere got the pin with his feet on the ropes. Good match.

The multi-month feud between UAS (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) and the Ambassadors (Jacoby Boykins & Chris Mayne) came to an end in a Texas Tornado tag match with no DQ and no countout. UAS were wearing new signature TV Shirts and there were sign in crowd branding Boykins & Mayne as Fat Albert and Woopie. All four men bled and various weapons came into play. There was one brutal bump after another until finally Mayne was pinned and per match stipulation is gone from Anarchy. Fans sang goodbye to Mayne. Best match these two teams had together at the right time. Crowd was hot for everything.

The Anarchy fans do not like Tommy Daniels who gets chicken and Jersey Shore reject chants so were pleased when he was defeated by Jacob Ashworth after his version of roll the dice/last ride. CB Gibson who has teamed with Daniels had a brief role as Daniels tried to bail and go to the back, by feeding him back in to Ashworth setting up the pin.

NWA North American Champion, Shaun Tempers defeated Areal with Dan Wilson to also become NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion in one of the best matches of a night of top to bottom strong matches. Bo Newsome got involved at one point when it appeared Azrael might win but the Reverends broke his staff in half on his back and ran him off. As the Rev returned his attention to the ring, Jeff G Bailey appeared and threw powder in Wilsons face, which distracted Azrael as he was preparing to finish off Tempers from the top rope. Instead Tempers hit an elevated neck breaker on Azrael to get the pin and his 2nd title. Post-match the crowd chanted Azraels name even in loss.

The Main event pitted the NWA Elite, Bryan Casanova, Se7en, Lane Vasser and Jeff G Bailey against the team of Mikael Judas, Brody Chase, Slim J and Johnny Dangerous. At one time Vasser and teamed with Dangerous as Armed & Dangerous and Slim J with Casanova were one time tag team champion, until both Dangerous & Slim J were betrayed and their partners aligned with Jeff G Bailey and his NWA Elite. The feud between Se7eb and Mikael Judas has been in play for months and the addition of Anarchy Enforcer Brody Chase and Bailey himself to the match made this a much anticipated Main Event. But it was the addition of former Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer, announced at the previous show that really had the heat level for this match at high levels. After Chase &Judas outwrestled the Elite for a while Jeff G Bailey went to the back and returned with Tempers & Newsom but Palmer drove them off, Eventually the Elite got control of Slim J and began to do serious damage and even Bailey, who had been avoiding tagging in, got involved. Finally Slim J tagged Judas who cleared house on Se7en, Casanova & Vasser. Se7en went to the floor as did Vasser and Judas threw Slim J onto Se7n and Dangerous dove on Vasser. Judas grabbed Casanova and all 6 men brawled to the back with the babyfaces in control. That lead to what the crowd had wanted Jeff G Bailey and Brody Chase one on one and Chase began wearing out Bailey with punches and elbows in a corner. As he went for a Stinger Splash in the corner Bailey managed to move and it was referee Dee Byers who took the impact. As Brody checked on Byers, Bailey recovered enough to land a low blow and began to attack Chase. Jerry Palmer checked on the ref and with him down decided to enter the ring. Soon he was stalking Bailey as the crowd and threatening to hit him with Big Nasty his axe handle weapon. Chase recovered and encouraged Palmer. Then the unthinkable occurred. Instead Palmer struck Chase, first in the gut then solidly across the back. The crowd was in shock. Slim J hit the ring only to be struck in the head with the axe handle by Palmer, opening him up. Slim J was bleeding badly. Dangerous returned only to be planted by Vasser, and even Michael Judas could lot stop the carnage as he too was destroyed by Se7en, Casanova & Vasser. With all 4 babyfaces down and Bailey, Palmer & The Elite celebrating, Franklin Dove appeared on the ramp, and Bailey screamed that he had warned him. The heat for this was off the charts with the crowd screaming plenty of less that famil;y friendly comments at Palmer and his new friends. This was an amazing Main Event and delivered a totally unexpected end to Hardcore Hell 2012, NWA Anarchys best show to date under Dove and maybe ever.

NWA Anarchy returns to the NWA Arena in Cornelia, GA on Saturday, April 14. John John son was not in attendance as he and his wife welcome a new baby to the family. Ring Announcer Brett Wolverton replaced him on Commentary with Tim E.D.

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