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by t bone (no login)


mania truly was shitty,all the matches were in the wrong order...daniel bryan vs cm punk should have happened at mania,not every fuckin week on tv leading up to mania...i think shameus beating bryan in 18 seconds was a smack in the face to us indy fans! the best wrestlers in the world jobs out in 18 seconds...really? taker/hhh & punk vs y2j were good,but hbk should've been left out. & the shitty music they preformed b4 rock/cena match was a joke. & whos this cunt in the divas match? money in the bank 2011 & tlc 2011 were great ppv's .....2 of the best in the past few yrs in my oppinion...thank god for guys like punk & y2j...tna would have actually done better,i think! fuck wwe & tna.....theres ROH,DRAGON GATE USA,& alot more indy based ppv's happening now a days,& thats a good thing..its actual wrestling! if i have to see that fat fuck brodus clay 1 more time im going to put a bullet to my brain. wwe actually needs brock lesnar back,hell even batista....mania is getting worse every year

Posted on Apr 2, 2012, 5:40 PM

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