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In a Pre-Show match Shane Malice & Zach Rayne defeated the team of Travis Dufour & Tyler Caton

Doink the Clown & Dunk Casside were the surviving team in a gauntlet match that included The Black Russian Express, The Party Boys, The WIld Cardz and The Ghost Riders to become the NEW UCW Tag Team Champions.

Maniac Killa beat Akiba

Terry Ring defeated Robbie Paige

The Russian Bear beat Victor Bellmont to win the vacant United States Title... Rumors have it that the Bear & Matt Bish are starting a petition to rename the the title the USSR Title.

Nick Mirra defeated Kevin Bennett to become the very 1st UCW Fury Division Champion... After the match Terry Ring hit the ring and he and Mirra destroyed Bennett with a steel chair.

Crazii Shea & Scott Sarin defeated Christopher Adonis & Mason Stone after the New Marvelous Enterprises took Adonis from ringside.

"TKT" TJay Sykes beat Oriley Chambers in a falls count anywhere match to become the NEW UCW TV Champion.

Chris Miles beat Jamie Northstar

Jesse Skelton beat G-Raver in what many are calling Match of the Year already

Bigg was the last man standing in the Xtreme Elimination Match that included Jakal, Chris Payne, Playboy, Steve Flash & Oriley Chambers to become the NEW UCW Champion... After the match Jakal shook Biggs hand untill Steve Flash, Nick Mirra & Terry RIng hit the ring and attacked both men. Playboy hit the ring and to everyones SHOCK AND SUPRISE he speared Bigg cashing in his UTown Rumble contract to become the NEW UCW Champion!!!

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