PWX When Worlds Collide April 14th, 2012 McKeesport, PA

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Saturday April 14th, 2012 - 7:30 PM
The PWX Wrestleplex
2125 Beacon St. - McKeesport, PA

TICKETS: VIP $12, General Admission $10, Kids Under 12: $6
To reserve tickets, e-mail

Pro Wrestling eXpress returns to The Wrestleplex(2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport, PA 15132) on Saturday, April 14th with a belltime of 7:30pm.

This is the final event before the huge Burgh Brawl event and this is sure to be a wild and intense night as rivalries, vendettas, and championship races all come to a head!!

Ashton Amherst and Mad Mike each finally get their shot at the PWX Heavyweight Title against champion Stryder as it was Scottie Gash who threw a monkey wrench into the title match at the last event with some underhanded tactics. Now, who will walk into Burgh Brawl the PWX Heavyweight Champion?? Will Scottie Gash try anything new to get under Stryder's skin?

Current PWX Bras Knuckles Champion JR Mega will face Brandon K as their rival counterparts will face one another in a match as well as Jason Cage will meet Ryan Reign. Cage and Mega have been embroiled in an ally/rival feud that has Cage seeking a shot at winning the Brass Knuckles Title while Mega has everyone totally confused as to what he is going to do next... Meanwhile, K and Reign are in a bitter feud that is sure to explode this Saturday night!!! Will these two matches intertwine as heated rivalries come to a head??

Crusher Hansen has now gone through two members of Steele Corp enroute to his getting his hands on former manager BC Steele and now he seems to have even shown one of Steele Corp's members the light as Jack Pollock has defied his peers and boss BC Steele and now has been hearing The Wrestleplex filled woth chants of "Jack". This Saturday will see Crusher and Jack face off against two of the top members of Steele Corp in Dash Bennett, the man who turned his back on Crusher months ago, and current PWX Three Rivers Champion Chris LeRusso(the self-proclaimed Mr. Wrestlepex). Can Crusher get through two more members of Steele Corp and continue his quest to get his hands on BC Steele? Can Crusher trust Jack Pollock?

The monster Dean Radford is now a huge fan favorite!! How? His ability to slam the 450lb monster himself Shane Taylor followed by his near destruction of PWX Three Rivers Champion Chris LeRusso amd finally his ability to nearly stand up to 5 men from the youth movement known as O.N.Y.M.. Now Radford will step into the ring against Ashton Amherst's right hand man Payton Graham. Graham has not been pinned since beginning his singles career last October and now has the backing of the only true youth movement in the enitre area.... the O.N.Y.M.. Can Radford be the first to pin Graham? Or will the O.N.Y.M. make all the difference yet again and lay out another one of PWX's best?

It was Scottie Gash who laid out his own partner The Blue Dragon in the Lethal Lottery tag team tourney back in early March. Now Gash returns to PWX after a month long absence and he has to be looking to cause even more chaos than previously before as he wants his Heavyweight Title shot with the stipulation of his choosing. The Championship Committee will not yield to Gash and chaos has ensued. Now The Blue Dragon has signed the contract to face Gash to attempt to exact some retribution for Gash's actions at The Lethal Lottery. Will Dragon gain revenge? or will Gash continue to hold PWX events hostage with his unpredictability?

Shirley Doe and Apollyon(The Order Of Total Oblivion) have been on a patch of destruction in recent months having injured Tony Hansen, thus eliminating the team of The Hansen Brothers, The 2nd Blue Dragon, thus eliminating the team of Double Dragon, Paul Atlas and Troy Lords, thus eliminating that entire team, and Big Poppa Gator, currently one-half of the tag-team champions. Gator has not been seen in PWX for awhile now and rumors are rampant that Gator may have suffered a career ending injury at the hands of Doe and Apollyon. The tag team titles are still around the waists of The Iron City Monsters(Beast and Gator) thanks to Beast stepping it up and some assists from old friends and some leadway at the hands of Championship Committee member Quinn Magnum. But now, it is defend or lose the titles time for the Monsters. Whether the Monsters show up or not, the titles will be on the line meaning that Doe and Apollyon could possibly become champions without even having a match. The MOnsters are two of the most popular wrestlers in PWX today as they strike fear in everyone they face, but they have been very quiet regarding Gator. Can The Monsters shut all the rumors and defend the titles successfully? or will Doe and Apollyon win their second tag titles as a team?

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