Re: PWX When Worlds Collide April 14th, 2012 McKeesport, PA

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In any fed you work in a worker should get a free pass for his wife or girlfriend. That is common practice and you would be stupid to work there if it was not. To say the place is filled with people who get in for free is an outright lie. It went from Miller is the cheapest man in the history of wrestling who charges his grandkids for hotdogs to now the place is
filled with freebees. I do not think so. If Miller is anything he is a business man. He is not as cheap as made out to be but in no way is letting in all these freebees either. My guess is you are one of the people that bash everything PWX does no matter what it is. I doubt you go to any shows at all. You also make little sense with your lies. First the problem is they let in paying drunk fans and then it turns to all these people for free. Which is it. I would let in paying drunks for sure. You take their cash and warn them if they get out of line they get thrown out. Which is exactly what happened the one time it did actually happen. It is nothing but a win win situation. Your nothing but a pathetic loser that nobody cares about.

Posted on Apr 11, 2012, 9:46 AM

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