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It seems that Lamont is trying to place the blame on others for his poor attempts at promoting events if he wants to blame anyone for his poor draw week after week he can only blame himself. He has done several shows unoppossed for weeks averaging 25 fans or less including a completely free event he knew what to expect his turn out to be when he woke up in the morning.This whole thing appears to be a smoke and mirrors attempt to trick his talent to think AIW is responsible for his bad crowd turn out and rally them together. In the year 2012 most people travel with a gps and most cell phones come with gps software so the destination of the majority of the fans going out to see wrestling Friday night was most likely pre determined and their course was set the second they set out to either show. Neither buildings are known landmarks so everyone needed directions ,signs no signs I don't think it mattered everyone knew where they were going. If Lamont attacks people over a sign with less production value than a yard sale advertisement on a telephone pole that tells me everything I need to know about the guy.This thread was entertaining a few days ago but it is becoming obvious that the majority of the posts are one sided and anti AIW and pro HKW someone posted 24 fans were in the crowd at HKW so it does not sound as if they have all the fan support this thread makes it seem they do.

Posted on Apr 11, 2012, 4:45 PM

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