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I am willing to bet its an RWA'er. Its one thing to post negative and positive things about a company, but to be so stupid to post continually made up stories, that is just dumb. If you don't like PWX, address the reason why. Maybe they will take your reasoning into consideration. However your reasoning to bash them is claiming no workers ever show up, claiming people will no show the next event too. You claim to not know how things are at RWA, but you assume everyone gets paid. I don't think you should jump to that conclussion if you dont know anything about the place. You also seem to know which wrestlers from PWX bring in guests, and exactly how many each of them bring each show, yet you stopped attending? I would imagine you were more than a fan, if you knew who was getting let in for free, I dont see how a fan could know that unless you were in the door before the paying fans? You can say 15+ years, and they aren't doing anyting, which some may agree with their experience they should be a much bigger deal, but at least they are getting things moving forward again. You jump from saying PWX has at least 30 people who get in for free, to at least 60. My only problem with that, is back at the log cabin, PWX could have really used those 60 fans, don't you think they would have charged them when crowds were down? I've always heard stories of Miller being a bit on the cheap side, but here you are saying he lets 60 fans in for free each show AT LEAST. PWX may have some problems, but I don't think you listed a single one of them. If you want to take shots at them, at least put some effort into. PWX will even admit they have things they need to work on, but maybe you haven't been to some of their recent shows, or you would be able to see they are clearly improving and working on everything.

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