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These people all have been in the business for years and have started on the indy's in their low to mid 20's Punk started getting noticed in 2001 for IWA-MS, had his big match with Hero in 2003 along with the Raven feud. so 9 yrs ago he would have been around 23-24

Jericho has been wrestling since early 90's Smokey mountain so we will say 92 thats 20 yrs ago. He didn't just

The people on top didn't just get to WWE in there mid 30's. They were in ROH and noticed by marks well before age 30. Someone like a Crusher Hanson or a Scotty Gash won't get noticed in PWX and automatically make it big in WWE at this point of their career.

Look at Hero, he has been around a bit longer than Punk and is just now getting signed and has yet to appear on TV. To say that all those guys are on top in their 30's is a crazy statement considering most of them had been noticed or in WWE well before that. Jericho was in WCW in his 20's, Undertaker was in WCW and WWF in his 20's. Orton can use the legacy card with his dad. Tara isn't really on top and with females it's a whole different ballgame anyone that has the "look" can make it. Look at Terri Runnels as an example.

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