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```````````````well ddp is kinda in a different catagory, since he didnt even train to be a wrestler till his mid 30's, so if he was going to make it he would have to fit the catagory. goldberg however was one of the worst wrestlers in the history of wrestling, and only ever got his undeserved push because he was tall and built, and an idiot like bischoff was in charge. it was such a huge disgrace that he beat some great wrestlers in his run as the ? and 0 bullshit went on. my favorite goldberg moment was when he wrestled steven (william) regal and after goldberg did his 3 moves regal was supposed to go down, and he didnt, and goldberg was like wtf do i do now. so no he doenst fit in my eyes. yeah he was used and pushed,but shouldnt have been.


Webmaster while I may agree Bill Goldberg wasn't a great wrestler, you have to admit, he was one of the biggest draws of that era.

Posted on Apr 14, 2012, 2:42 PM

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