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Get over yourself, Buddy. The fact remains, Ryan bad mouthed a dead guy, a dead guy who kids are on Facebook and this messageboard and who may very well read that article. Thats not juvenile? That doesn't offend you? Was JT a bad trainer when Ryan was there, maybe, but it looks to me to be a cheap and cowardly and unnecessary jab at a guy who can't defend himself. BTW, where is he working at currently? At MEWL? Where Papa Shongo midgets and Kamala Jrs run rampant? Firestorm folded, which he only worked there because Patrick Hayes got him a spot and how many of those guys in those scrambles wanted to kick his ass because of him blowing spot after spot. MOW dropped him. Mid West Wrestling only let him in cuz they thought he'd draw in local crowds, which he didn't. Gosh, you are right, he's an amazing competitor. Is that mature enough for ya?

Posted on Apr 27, 2012, 9:32 PM

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