Re: IWA in Columbus

by Bull Miller (no login)


Frankly I have never seen Matt play politics. Not with me at least. Now there have been times we was on opposite sides of the fence. But thats ok, he has the right to have his opinion, as I do mine. There has even been times Matt has turned me down on some deals. But U know what, thats cool as well.

Matt is a great guy and a hard worker. He came in hurting Sunday and did my show. He put on a heck of a performance even though I am sure he did not feel like it. He even thanked me for having him there. That was great to me as Matt can wrestle for any indy in Ohio.

I hope to have him back soon.

Another thing, so he put Ramsie over in very controversial fashion. It screamed rematch. Aint that what this bizzz all about?

And as for Mr. Ramsey, is he at Matt Masons level? No, and I think even Ramsey would agree to that. But Mr. Ramsey gave Matt a descent to good match that kept the fans entertained. Ramsey has NOTHING to be ashamed of.

At the end of this, hey, keep on bashing the IWA and all the workers. Its fun reading about it. Someone once pointed out to me ppl on this board only bust your chops when U are doing good stuff. If your not doing anything they leave U alone. So keep on bashing, I love it.

Posted on May 1, 2012, 4:35 AM

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