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Same old shit comes out about once a month, DVDs don't sale enough to pay to do them. And when they did one person bought them and burned 50 copies and gave them the their friends. Then they bash on Payton and JR. Why? Because Payton helps out and people think that gets him ahead. Maybe its because he's down their every week working out. And JR will never get what is expected because he's Millers son. People don't say anything about how well he gets over with the crowd. Maybe they need to get rid of people like Dash,Gash and Doe. One more year Dash be the same size as Kupid.He gets 0 zero reaction and is royal only to his tote of shirts.Doe just has pasted his prime good guy but times up. And Gash is more like a 40 watt bulb than a spotlight.I see PWX changing for the good they need to just stop hanging onto those that just stopped taking care of themselves and are just riding it out.

Posted on May 7, 2012, 12:41 PM

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