A critique of the previous post

by Jonathan Styles (NWA Mountain State and 304) (no login)

The word hater is not used enough anymore. Neither is ignorant or jaded for that matter. The previous poster seems to fit all three descriptions. This information is given by someone who has gotten out of independent wrestling or was never in the industry to begin with. I truly feel bad for these types of people because they do not have the foresight or hindsight to see the benefit or dedication that the professionals I work with bring to the table.

Since joining Mountain State Wrestling in 2008, I have been given the opportunity to get improve at a craft that I have been passionate about my whole life. I have also had the opportunity to travel to 304 Wrestling on two occasions and work for them as well. During this time I have worked with those mentioned above and believe the gentlemen mentioned are not getting their due.

Consider the following. Eric Darkstorm is a great ring veteran and many could learn from the knowledge he has accumulated during his years in professional wrestling. He knows how to connect with the fans and has charisma that others would be jealous to own.

Anyone who is a fan of professional wrestling would be able to see that Jason Kincaid is a wrestling machine. He also has great promo ability which is something the last poster failed to recognize. He look is unique and contributes his it factor.

Chance Prophet is a former two time NWA national champion and would not have been if he was as out of shape as claimed by the previous poster. His look is something exceptional and he can as Jim Ross would say, put a butt every 18 inches. I have worked in a variety professions and can tell office politics exist everywhere. Whether someone participates in these politics is their own business; however, people are willing to jump to conclusions when someone is praised or promoted at a job and claim that office politics is taking place when not knowing the facts or if that person is just a hard working individual.

Lance Erikson has dedicated his life to this business. He has size that allows him to be considered a strong heavyweight, not fat. Furthermore, a man should not be judge on his past transgressions but for the work he is currently doing. He gives countless hours to those that want to learn and are passionate about this business.

I have not worked with Brian and JV as much as the others but I had the ability to make observations about their work while at 304 events. Both men are compelling and have the ability to make the fans lock their eyes on the action. Whether cheered or booed both men are excellent athletes and give the fans their moneys worth.

One final observation, shame on this person for not recognizing the talent in this great state of other wrestlers and not giving them the affirmation they deserve. People like Smokey C, Ricky Shane, Matt Conard, Shane Storm, and TJ Phillips are fantastic and should be recognized for the effort they provide in the ring. I apologize if I have left someone out that should have been mentioned please feel free to add to this list.

Also, before you post run a spell check. The previous post looks like it was typed by someone with little or no education and should embarrassed about what they typed and placed into a public forum.

Posted on May 10, 2012, 3:14 PM

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