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Just stop already. You do realize that outside of the workers there are probably 100 people tops that really care about any of this.

Outside of workers I'd be surprised if 10 people care about this. I was excited when the AIW/Firestorm war was going down. Mostly because I thought something would come of it. But for 2-3 years all that happened was firestorm guys would come on this board, huff and puff and try to make themselves seem like a big deal. Then AIW guys would come on here and claim all their merits were invalid. Then the AIW guys would huff and puff and try to make themselves seem like a big deal. The firestorm guys would then throw out accusations of things AIW guys did to them, or others.

In the end, the same people that would go to firestorm would go to firestorm. The same people that would go to AIW would go to AIW. Never changed.

AIW didn't kill firestorm, firestorm killed firestorm. Just like WCW killed WCW. WWF just survived. Same thing here.

So now it's onto the next "war". HKW will continue to run their shows and think they have any effect on AIW, and AIW will run their shows thinking they have any effect on HKW. And it's not going to end until one company fucks themselves over. Meanwhile both companies will come on this board and throw jabs at each other for years on end.

Personally I think HKW and AIW should team up and run some amazing angles with each other over the summer, and run wally out of business. Because really whats more important: A personal beef between two promoters that effects nobody but themselfs, or allowing a child molester who hated JT Lightning to be allowed to continue to take what was JT Lightnings old TV Spot (years old I know)and be the face of ohio's wrestling scene on TV?

Or you can keep going down this road, where AIW calls HKW a club for blacks only, and HKW calling AIW a bunch of scumbag douchebags. The fans will try to get into indy wrestling, just to see an industry on the edge of total self destruction and tons of in-fighting. They'll be turned off to the idea of going at all, and everybody loses.

It's your call, and as a fan I don't give a flying fuck who did what, or who comes out on top. I just want a good show for money I pay. That's it. I'll go with who has a good show.

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