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I've noticed that a lot of the threads on this board turn sour and that is not my intention for this thread, despite the likely probability of that happening. I have been to both PWX (NWA-East) and IWC shows. I've noticed that IWC gets a lot of hate on this board and PWX gets less. Why?

I want to set aside all concerns about the promoters' attitudes or any backstage garbage and just look at the show quality of both promotions. At Crossfire, PWX had about nine matches and only one of them lasted longer than ten minutes and that match (Stryder/Brandon K) ended in a no contest. I'm sure there are a lot of great talents at PWX, but the way the shows are booked, it's difficult to see that talent shine through.

I'm by no means calling IWC perfect or "the best indy in the country," but they do give matches time and they do bring in a nice mix of outside talent while keeping the focus on the regular roster members. Super Indy, for instance, will feature Davey Richards, Chuck Taylor, and Sami Callihan, but not to the detriment of guys like John McChesney, Dalton Castle, and Matt Justice.

I guess my claim is that although IWC is far from perfect, they deserve more praise than PWX from AN IN-RING QUALITY PERSPECTIVE. I'm not making any claims about the attitudes or motives about anyone involved in running either promotion. I just thought we could have a nice discussion about the in-ring quality and show quality of both promotions. Maybe we can't have that discussion without it devolving into nonsense - I don't know.

Thanks for reading.

Posted on May 15, 2012, 6:35 PM

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