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As strange as it sounds, the ONLY promotion that runs in Pittsburgh is KSWA. In general people aren't willing to travel far to see entertainment in general. IWC runs Elizabeth and PWX runs McKeesport. IWC probably draws a bit more from the Pittsburgh area being a bit closer. I think KSWA has proven that Pittsburgh is a very hot market, and I know guys have been trying to get PWX or IWC to run in Pittsburgh for a while, and I think that market is their loss now. I have never been to a KSWA event, but from what I hear PWX and IWC would blow them out of the water as far as performance goes. So who knows the capability of a draw.

As far as IWC catching heat here more than PWX, I don't see that at all. I think they have a similar ratio of negative and positive posts on here. Some things about IWC are better than PWX, and some things about PWX are better than IWC. I do agree 100% that a negative in PWX is the lack of time the majority of the matches get. To me it makes it look like they are hiding the weaknesses or lack of ability that some of their wrestlers may have. Especially at bigger events, I think matches should be given more timing other than the Brandon K, Stryder or Amhurst matches, or in other words the main events. Most matches are less than 10 minutes and a lot of those matches are less than 10 including the entrances and exits.

Posted on May 15, 2012, 7:06 PM

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