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Well I don't agree that she she should be near a ring, but congrats on your new baby! Fatherhood is a great thing.

I have seen her matches. She can work, So I would say it is just jealous people throwing out crow.

My first guess would be Stacy Hunter's fat ass is stirring up more trouble. She can't get it through her head that she is horrible, and can't work. Every female that has ever been in the ring with her doesn't want to ever work with her again. She can only get booked at PWX. All she does is sit home stuffing her face with Twinkies and call out every other company that is not PWX. Tuff Tina can work circles around that fat bloated peice of trash.

It is a shame that there are people like that in their lockeroom. I enjoy their shows, and they have a talented roster. But the same can be said for RWA. I think Derek over exposes himself, and as a heel, he needs to quit being a babyface to the fans. Have one of your top babyfaces hand out flyers for the next show. It just looks stupid when you are doing it, asking fans how they liked the show. You are a heel dude, you are not supposed to care what the fans like.

Posted on May 19, 2012, 1:34 PM

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