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Be more specific, because most of PWX guys are "youngsters" I would say. You have Brandon K, Mad Mike, Paul Atlas, Shirley Doe, Troy Lords, Scottie Gash, Crusher Hansen, Iron City as the vets, maybe even include Dash Bennett, and Chris Taylor. There are 31 guys on the roster though, thats just a list of 11, and I know you weren't saying everybody else sucked, but you were categorizing. If that many people in PWX suck, being more than half, then are you saying you or they should trim the roster? Or that the 11 vets are the only reason PWX is drawing bigger crowds. In my opinion, some of the guys just aren't anywhere where they used to be, but are still being treated like they were when they were in their prime. I think guys like Brandon K, Mad Mike, Atlas, and Doe are still capable of pulling off great matches, but some of the others just don't bring it to the table any more and haven't for a while. Every once in a while you might see a flash of something good from them. I agree that a lot of the younger talent needs to continue to step it up, but its just not fair to say they need to step it up, when a lot of the vets need to as well from what I have seen from the shows I have been to. Not many of the younger guys are technically skilled like you said, but not a whole lot of those vets are either and they've had 10+ years to work on it. You have guys like Brandon K, Atlas, and others who are skilled in that area, but I would honestly say PWX has just as many technically gifted vets as they do rookies. So categorizing and showing favorites doesn't really work in this case. I think just about everyone has been performing better and getting better though, so there really isn't a lot to complain about, some guys will get it faster than others, some guys might never get it at all.

Posted on May 21, 2012, 1:00 AM

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