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Your list is so flawed it's amazing.

(quote) You want specifics? Here you go;

Top wrestlers in no specific order:
Brandon K
Mad Mike
Jason Cage
Chris Taylor
Ryan Reign
Patrick Hayes
Crusher Hansen - has the moves, all he needs is to use them, lose the belly
Dean Radford - excellent power wrestler
Travis Fame - has the tools, he needs to use them
Shirley Doe - needs to lose the belly
Paul Atlas - excellent, but needs to lose the belly
Blue Dragon
Ashton Amherst - needs to step it up and use more technical instead of brawling (quote)

Really?? Blue Dragon and Travis Fame are in your "Tops" list? What tools does Fame have? The kid is nice but takes wrestling as seriously as Gator does. When was the last time Fame was even booked on a show? He's not good. Also, Gator? He does nothing in the ring. A waste of a roster spot. The rest are guys that can work. Crusher can go, but is slowing down, same with Atlas.

(quote) B-Card
Scottie Gash - has the wrestling ability but doesn't use it
Chris Lerusso - has the wrestling ability but doesn't use it
Troy Lords
Jay Flash - up and coming if he puts the effort in
Jack Pollock - up and coming if he puts the effort in (quote)

Gash just put on one the best matches of his career with Stryder, and LeRusso and Brando K just put on a clinc in their Iron Man match, and you rate them as B talent? Smart. Glad you've got the book. Plus if you want to say Pollock could be good if he puts in the effort? They guy looks like a Greek God next to Travis Fame. Talk about not putting the work in.

(quote) C-card
Edric Everhart - nothing but brawling
Robert Parker Williams - find a buffet somewhere and EAT and take
Tony Johnson - with you
Dash Bennett - needs to push himself from the table
Keith Haught
Payton Graham - I have yet to see a technical move from him (quote)

RPW continues to do great work, and your best critism is he's skinny? And Tony Johnson has a great look. That's just stupid. Also, the more you post about guys the less I think you know about them. Edric doesn't brawl at all. I mean he throws some punches, but the guy is technically sound. And Keith is good at what he does, great character and a good worker. Payton Graham doesn't do technical moves? He's 6'2" and 280 pounds. He does more technical moves than Radford, and he's a smart worker.

(quote) The fat boy winners of the year
Keith Haught
Payton Graham
Dash Bennett

Nice. Bet you're a sold 6'4" 220 pounds and getting signed by the fed. You can shit on these guys, and there is a reason to shit on every single person on the roster and be constractive. But you are just off base. You want to complain that guys are technical, then pick out the worst guys and put them on top. PWX has a solid roster, but there is fat to trim. There are guys that aren't committed, there are things to improve. But I hope you aren't in any position to advise them, cause you have no clue what you are talking about. Dragon over Gash? Madness.

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