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Thats the thing, a lot of PWX or local vets in general never got out from PWX. So lets say PWX runs 12-24 times a year, I know its no longer 24 but lets just go with that for this point. In 10 years, if they were featured in a match on every single one of those shows, that is only 120-240 matches. I don't think a vet should be based upon how long you have spent in the business, but rather how many matches you have had, and your credibility and how valuable your name is. That is not to say those guys shouldn't get respect in PWX or wherever they wrestle out of for this example, because they established themself for that local promotion, however how much respect are they going to gain if they traveled to places that has never heard of their name before? Not everyone wants to travel, and they just enjoy doing local indy wrestling, which is fine, and usually those are the guys the local promotions base angles around because they will always be there, but at the same time it hurts younger guys trying to come up that may be more deserving of a bigger spot, but can't have it because a "vet" doesn't want to move down in the card.

Yes, we had them as well, local's we called them. But they found out later because of lack of recognition they never made the big money or cards. For the younger guys/gals It's the same as a regular job, if it's a dead end, it's time to move on. With as many indy promotions around, it would be very easy (if the young wrestler has the talent) to go to another venue show what he can do and build their reputation from there. But remember, the most important things are dedication to the art and it doesn't hurt to have good looks and be a mouth piece.

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