really? you guys are haters man.

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Yo, this guy is one of the reasons why indy wrestling in Cleveland was fun. This guy can carry a match with ANYONE GREEN. Can entertain too. Not too many Cleveland people can say that without having to cut their face open or do a hardcore match for pops. This guy wrestled AJ styles in Cleveland, Jake Roberts & even had indy and ECW, WWE, WCW stars stay over his house to help promoters and friends out on money. For whoever talks shit about J-rocc is a simple minded fuck who has nothing better to do than hate on a good dude. Best believe you will be seeing this guy again one day in Cleveland if his injuries allow him to work again. With half of the rosters in Cleveland & the way they look, I wouldn't talk shit about weight. For every in shape dude there are 10 more who are either really fat or wayyyyy to small. J-rocc > Cleveland Wrestling

Posted on May 30, 2012, 7:10 PM

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