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See that is why PWX will never be anything more than it has been. Jim thinks if extra revenue is brought in then screw the workers, it should go to building renovations. ECW ran out of a run down bingo hall in south philly, what got them over was their talent. They brought in wrestlers people wanted to see or guys from overseas. You don't even bring in guys from other parts of PA anymore. The Wrestleplex can have a lazer light show with VIP seating every 2 weeks, but if it's main eventing with JR Mega and Larusso, then good luck with your continued succcess. People pay to see the wrestlers. Jim's downfall is and will always be disrespecting his talent and only appreciating himself. And now his son. But hey, you are right. PWX will always be around. That much is true. All the guys will head into their 50's still remembering the good old days at the mall. And maybe by that time you will have bought a video screen to showcase old footage of when you were paying guys more than $10. But, prior to that you can tell everyone for 1-2 years that a video screen is purchased from somewhere in Japan, with money from that Japanese TV taping you had. Lie after lie after lie. PWX.

Posted on Jun 2, 2012, 1:45 PM

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