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As I'm sure you know or have been told, the reason Quinn/Jim and PWX stopped letting RWA guys work for them is because they claimed they had evidence of Derek ripping down flyers, calling PWX fans, and offering free tickets to his event for people that did not attend PWX. Do you know if any of that is true? Or was it a ploy on the part of PWX to get their workers to believe that is the kind of person Derek is? I'm interested in an honest response from you and what you know to this question as there seems to be 2 totally different stories being told by RWA and PWX. If the claims aren't true, why would PWX choose to not have Mitchell, Shane Taylor, and Jimmy Nuts work their shows? Something has just never seemed to add up on this situation. Maybe, you aren't at liberty to answer the question, but hearing your thoughts would be interesting.

Posted on Jun 5, 2012, 11:23 AM

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