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Kato, all the promotions that you have been involved in that have had a long run (KCW, IWC, FNW, PWX) have all had 1 big thing in common and that is a training school. In my view the school lets you develop new talent that will stay loyal to you and also work for cheap. And as we've seen in the past few months I think RWA has had trouble keeping guys loyal and in a lot of people's opinion has had trouble filling the lower card with outside talent. Is there any plan to change this? don't you think in the end it will be hard for RWA to just keep waiting for other companies to train young talent and then for Derek to try to pay to bring them in? Even if he is able to, it seems that in that sense most everyone on the roster would have loyalty or #1 loyalty to another company.

Posted on Jun 6, 2012, 8:53 AM

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