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I made a list of some PWX guys, But I want to see what you guys think each ones biggest weakness is, and biggest strength is. Please don't make this a bad thread and just say "he sucks" or "hes a fat ass" or "hes 100 pounds soak and wet" don't use cliches that we read all of the time. If you think they suck then just say why. I like reading these when they are good, and I think wrestlers do too because they can see what they need to work on and what they are solid at. Just leave it blank if you don't know enough to make an opinion. And thats all they are, are opinions, so hopefully nobody takes it too seriously or gets offended. This time though, I think it would be cool if you agree with something already said, instead of restating or or just saying agree, think of something else to add.


Ashton Amherst - Really good on the mic and in ring/sometimes drags on in the ring

ONYM - Fun group to watch grow/Most of them need to work on their star power

Order Of Total Oblivion (Apollyon & Shirley Doe) - Entertaining on the mic and in the ring/sometimes their matches seem repetitive, but they also dont have a lot of guys to work with also.

Dash Bennett - Really good promos, and moves around good for a big guy/needs to work more on his look and presence.

Blue Dragon - Improved a lot over the years, and kids love him/sometimes he seems like he is trying too hard to act

Jason Cage - Great in the ring, improved a ton/His mic work is sometimes stale and can be boring

Scottie Gash - Good character/Sometimes his relaxed attitude makes his promo work seem like he takes nothing serious, and comes across like he doesn't care anymore.

Crusher Hansen - Good in the ring and decent on the mic/I think at times he thinks because he is a local vet, he doesn't need to do much and doesn't deliver like he could.

Brandon K - Should have been signed in his prime, but he still delivers/I think the business got to him and he doesn't seem like he cares at times

Chris LeRusso - Improved noticeably in the ring and on the mic/Sometimes it seems he tries too hard to be aggressive and angry.

JR Mega - Improving a lot/Has to work extra hard to show he wants it because of who he is, and hard to understand on the mic and seems to get in the way too much in promos, whether he is interrupting someone or doing something else.

Mad Mike - Best intensity in the area, and performs great still/Mic work isn't always good

Jack Pollock - Really good for a rookie/Just needs to fine tune everything and find his place

Dean Radford - Good on the mic and in the ring/Sometimes he comes across like he doesn't need to prove anything anymore and I think thats a bad attitude to have in indy wrestling and a lot of others have it, because there are always new fans to display your skills to every show seeing you for the first time.

Ryan Reign - Great look, good on the mic considering the experience he has/needs to become more crisp in the ring, but he is getting better.

Stryder - Great energy and the crowds always love him/His mic work just needs to be stepped up a little for the position he has in PWX if he wants to be a solid top guy. That being said though, he is still over and deserves the position.

Chris Taylor - Great in the ring, solid on the mic/Seems to let too much get to his head and distract him.

Robert Parker Williams - Decent in the ring and getting better on the mic/Hes a political player from what I hear, not like hes the only one though, and doesn't really seem to evolve his character and it seems to be the same guy as it was when he first started for the most part.

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