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Wow, those hbw guys must be criminals! Its amazing how they hold a gun to all of your heads to make you buy a ticket! You have a fucking choice to as a worker to work there or as a fan to purchase a ticket. Nobody is forcing you to go! If you hate it, save your money for something productive like paying for your internet access to post dumb shit here. I don't work there, and yes I know most of the guys there and they're trying their asses off and from the looks of it, its working! They aren't aiw, hkw, mcw, ocw, or iwc, but them feds didn't start off huge either and still don't draw huge numbers. My advice to you is log off the computer, get out of the basement, attempt to meet a girl and move the fuck on, trolls!

Posted on Jul 1, 2012, 2:59 PM

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