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you can blow yourselves all you want, bottom line, all that to draw 50 wrestling fans and 50 of thornes personal friends and family for his retirement match, and 50 unbooked workers who wanted to suck you off hoping for work, or rode along with actual booked workers: 150 ppl total for the biggest show of the year, you guys aint shit

keep using chikaras roster lol, im sure they love getting their guys the extra work, meanwhile, you are some unoriginal fucks

your newest angle most likely came from watching chikara video of them invading roh, or some other invasion angle and you said, we could do this so sweet guys, lets do it with dickinson, the fat half of fin, eric fn ryan and bobby beverly, AWESOME!!!!

to end it up, hope your glad with your results, not here on the board, but in real life, i hope you guys are glad for the results of all that "hard work" you put into blowing workers who only like you until you dont book them, copying other peoples stuff, and using wrestlers from other promotions, because you arent talented enough to get your own crew over, and all that, to not even reap any benefits

wtf are you going to do when pretending to be in the business isnt an option #becomingfatnick

#leavethememoriesalone #betterthanflairsretirement #chikarainclevelandwasawesomelastnight #aidubstep

Posted on Jul 2, 2012, 5:54 PM

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