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I wasn't hating on HBW at all, I want to see them improve and get better. I want to see every shitty promotion get better and improve. I am not saying HBW is shitty, but they do some stupid things. I didn't see ANY ROH guys sitting in the crowd, and if they were, then I still think its stupid and wrong. It looks HORRIBLE and completely unprofessional, even if its ROH guys. Who does that?!?! What makes you special at all or have any value or any star power or mystique about yourself to the fans if you are sitting with them after your match? How is it even possible to argue that point, I am so confused and amazed that this point is actually trying to be defended by you guys! There is potential in HBW, you just have to use more common sense. No, nobody is forcing anybody to watch your shows, and most people don't. They shit on it, because you give them things to shit on by not using common sense. Who cares if some of your workers need improvement, that applies to most places at every level, HBW is a good place to provide that. Have your workers go out during intermission and after the show, but don't have them go out and be marks. Teach them to conduct themselves as professionals, so they can be treated as such. Its like the fact that fans are watching them gets to their head too much, and it should just be accepted, that is what they are supposed to do is watch you perform. The company can do whatever it wants though, I just don't see why they continue to complain about getting hated on, but won't ever take any SIMPLE advice, because they think their way is always right. I guess bringing in names will solve everything though, ignore the advice.

Posted on Jul 2, 2012, 7:54 PM

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