APOLOGIZE TO Chance and crew as well as Scott Powers

by TOMMY LYONS (no login)


My name is Tommy and Scott gave me your number to call you.
Scott re broke his ankle and had to have surgery again.
I run a few business and pretty much lost your number,he will be out of the hospital Tuesday.
I let him as well as you guys down so if there is anything i can do to make it up i will do it.
His electric just came back on today.
I am truly sorry and i know Scott will be pissed at me for a good while.
wrestling part of the bizz.
He will email you by Tuesday or wed latest.
I know there is no excuse but i own a McDonald's and 3 car washes and the chairman of the new theater
which we will have a show there 1 time a month that holds up to 450 seats
We will have 4 shows a month and if i lost scott as a partner or even worse a friend i wouldn't know what to do.
So from now i will stay o the side lines and Scott can hire somebody to help him run the wrestling part,which i am hoping is his friend Chance.
Our first show will be in August.

Again i am sorry to all and the ring and etc will be Scott's call as well as all bookings everything.
Now i was told not to post here but i have very thick skin(lol
I hope all had a good holiday!
Tommy Lyons

Posted on Jul 9, 2012, 4:33 PM

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