Prime Wrestling August 19th on iPPV... Help them and buy this!

by JOE SMARTBROWSKI (no login)

You guys have seen the television produced from Gargano's back lot as well, correct? You know, the Prime Wrestling shows that are produce for a National television audience on STO.

The rock and dirt covered ground and random weirdos against the brick wall of the building backdrop.
The lack of crowd noise and enthusiasm to go along with the lack of actual interest in the wrestlers or story lines.

The handful of folding chairs for the handful of people. Thus showing the "National" television audience how much they believe in their own product by not even bothering to have over 100 chairs ready and in place for this "Live Television Taping."

Please note this is not a reflection of what I think of the workers, their skills and what they do inside the ring. They may be dumb for not seeing a non-profitable promotion but that is not the point. I am not privy to what they get paid or if they get paid. I am sure it is awesome to be wrestling on television in any capacity.

But the people pulling the strings and putting this all together, they are the ones who are delusional by thinking that it is a positive to put a wrestling product on television and promote it as a top notch product and have it from the back of a restaurant with around twenty-five people in attendance. It just looks so mediocre at best. I want it to succeed but something is not working if that is the best you can do. Obviously, you are not making money. And the point of a wrestling promotion is to make money. You need money. Yes, wrestling is fun. But you need money to continue to run. And soon it will be Wrestlelution, a major show with big stars and sponsors in a large arena, where many freebies are given out and is always rumored to be a major money loser. This year is especially interesting because this Nationally televised promotion with live attendance numbers in the double digits is going the iPPV route. Mind blowing.

Please Joe Dombrowski, prove to me you are not really Joe Dumbrowski and pull off a Prime Wrestling first on August 19th, a profit.


Posted on Jul 14, 2012, 8:45 PM

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