Re: Who Is Keith Haught???

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What a moronic series of arguments.

The Joker is the Joker. Keith Haught is The Jester. DC Comics' Joker does not wear a Jester's hat. DC Comic's Joker is usually seen in a purple tuxedo or thrift store suit jacket. Is your blindness colored by white face paint?

Anyone familiar with the Joker also knows he favors using Joker playing cards as a "business card." Not once has The Jester done that. Why would he? It's a Joker card and not a Jester card.

Next the kid is actually taken to task for being heavy. If he were 115 lbs like untold thousands of yarders, he'd be called that as well. He can't win for losing with you jackals.

The hate and criticism (and yes jealousy) is unbelievable. There's a simpleton intellect to be sure.

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