Why not? Bad Business...

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My personal opinion on why they wouldnt throw a name in with a local is that IWA sells DVDs through smartmark video. If you take a top tier indy guy like El Generico or maybe Eddie Edwards, Adam Cole, or even a Chikara guy, it is going to spark interest when someone is reading the match list. So when you are an indy wrestling fan from Chicago or Philly and you read "Matt Hardy vs. El Generico" it is going to be more appealing than "Matt Hardy vs. TJ Phillips" or "Matt Hardy vs. Omega Aaron Draven" or Matt Hardy vs. Some Other Local Guy. I have nothing against using local talent with names but i dont think it is the best business move for a company trying to put asses in seats and sell tickets. Ever wonder why The Rock didnt come back to face off with Alex Riley or Kofi Kingston? Or why we are not seeing a Brock Lesnar vs. Jack Swagger match at Summerslam?

Posted on Jul 28, 2012, 11:00 AM

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