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all i see on here is he's a mark your a mark or he's a yarder. did you guys not start wrestling because you liked watching it or your favorite wrestler? and your saying you never did any backyard wrestling of any kind when you was a kid? so now your saying mick Foley, the hardy's , edge are backyarders? mick foley is on of the biggest names to come out of the backyard. or is it that you have to spend 7,000 0r even 10,000 up front or who you are trained by. well what if i was trained by some of the people that came from monster factory and by some of al snows top guys and did some training with truth martini? but got stuck at a fed where the promoter did not give to shits about his wrestlers and fucked them over anyway he could. i payed my dues i did set up and tear down hell most of the time i did it by my self i gave my money to help pay for big names when he did not make enough to pay them i was his go-fore guy i did the job all the time as i watched his best friends get the push thy did not earn for twelve years. i worked to jobs and still never missed a practice or a show. i wrestled for him with broken ribs shattered mouth but i stayed on the back burner because i knew i would not make it big hell i think i did't want to go big time. i been werstling 14 years now. sorry i just needed to vent and i know what responses this will gets so let it be'

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your a worker but your signed as "Indy Fan?" That confuses me a bit. You are missing the point. Sure we all wrestled in the yard as ten year old kids. Backyarders that We commonly refer to on this board are people who wrestle as adults that have never been trained to by a true PRO to bump and feed and hit the ropes and just want to backdoor their way into the industry without paying any dues/ not paying for a dime of training. There is a group that runs in Johnstown, Pa that is a prime example of what i am talkin about. wrestlers not trained. or if were trained they were trained by someone not qualified to train them. Refs that were never properly by anyone who is a veteran. In these cases it is like the blind leading the blind. if you have been "working" as many years as you claim, then this really should not have to be spelled out for you. Since you asked, there it is.

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