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Feds have a "pecking order" I will use Kato as an example. He is a main eventer in RWA, was a main event in DCW and so on, when he worked at IWC he was in the opener most times. This is a general rule. When you main event somewhere you most likely either have worked your way into this position or did something else that the promoter likes you. If you have just come into a company new but have been around a while they will still make you work your way up the ladder and have opening to mid card bouts. hope this makes sense.

.........That's why favoritism and politics be damned. Back in my day, you weren't a "Pro wrestler". You were a "wrestler", none of this kiss my a$$ and get a belt going on. Also the matches were real, you came into a "territory", and you started at the bottom. You worked your way up the ladder through matches, if you pinned your opponent you moved up, if you couldn't beat him you stayed where you were until you could. Then you moved up to the next level. So the incentive was to keep improving yourself until you got to the top. The pay was the same way as well. You want a pay raise, beat so and so in the ring.

Yes, there were some promoters that allowed a wrestler to pay another wrestler to "job" out. But, that wasn't everywhere. ASAMOF, I refused to work those territories, because I thought that was bull crap. I believed that you EARN you money and spots, not just have them handed to you because the promoter liked you, or you did favors for him.

Oh, BTW, it wasn't this WWE crap you guy's call wrestling, it was REAL wrestling, greco-roman and rule based wrestling. Face punching and stomping wasn't allowed and it not "wrestling". It was sweating, holds, power maneuvers, drop kicks, step-over-toe-holds, tie them into a knot, pin them or make them submit wrestling. If it's done at a fast pace, the fans eat it up, and they can see that you actually worked for the pin. Not this crap we see today.

There's one type of wrestling; "before JR." The true wrestling before Vince Mcmahon Jr. and afterward which is today's soap opera that he calls "sports entertainment". Which IS NOT WRESTLING!!!!

I see some that are TRUE to the sport of WRESTLING, but mostly what I see is copied from Jr.'s "sports entertainment". which is nothing but trash.

Posted on Aug 7, 2012, 10:45 AM

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