Enough Bullshit, Cory!

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Yes, you helped promote the show in Altoona last year and it drew alot of fans. Mickie James was on the card. Cory, your presence on the show made not one bit of difference and if you believe otherwise, then you are a delusional mark.

You were kissing Cody's ass a year ago at this time and now because he only paid you like 20 bucks for your efforts in flyering Altoona, you caught a resentment and now talk shit from behind a keyboard. Your track record speaks for itself because you did the same with SWA, UCW and AON. You should have been grateful that Cody booked you at all. Just as you should have been grateful that Tank or Mike Hay used you in years past.

If you had an issue with the pay you got from Cody or Tank, or you had an issue with the way John greene treated you in Covey Pro, then you should have stepped up and had a set of balls to say something to their faces. You are a fucking poison in this business Cory because you are the douchebag who smiles in people's faces and kisses their asses to their face and then five minutes later, you're on facebook or on this message board taking shots at those same people.

It's like your bullshit with Chris Adonis. If you have a problem with him, email him and challenge him to a fight. Quit taking shots from behind a keyboard and telling lies about him getting beat up by Sonjay. And quit witht he other lies while you're at it!! You WERENT TRAINED by TC or BRUCE FUCKING PRITCHARD!! You NEVER MANAGED RODDY FUCKING PIPER EITHER, so quit claiming that shit!

Just shut the fuck up!! So again, if you have a problem with your payday or the way you're being used or treated, GROW A PAIR OF NUTS AND SAY SOMETHING!!

I make you this promise, Cory... If this show you are hyping at the Jaffa DOESNT HAPPEN, then everybody on this message board will go out of their way to make sure you NEVER EVER EVER get booked this side of the Mississippi River!!! Everybody I know will go out of their way to bury you with every promoter up and down the east coast!!

Posted on Aug 14, 2012, 3:43 AM

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