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Here's the thing. Despite when people say the NWA died, it really was dead when Trobich was in charge. He's a guy that somehow got aligned with Jeff Jerret and they got the NWA heavyweight title back on TV, but that's where it stopped. they dropped the ball with TNA, you could no longer book the champions, but you weren't required to anymore either. this is both good and bad. AS you could save your money that you had to spend booking the champs, but then the champs never really ventured out of their little circles either and the champs rarely traveled. To top it all off though, they lost TNA and dropped back into obscurity while TNA is still on TV for better or worse, ppl know who they are. They had a good thing when Blue demon was champ, but he took the belt to Mexico and it wasn't a draw up here for anything. then more obscurity.

Now, you got 2 guys that had a plan, for good or bad, they wanted to shake up the NWA, and they must've had a good lawsuit, because Trobich who is a lawyer didn't fight it. So now you got a new plan, and new division of some territories and now you have to book the champs, so they can once again become a traveled name and spread the image of the NWA. What they want is $300 a year(only needs to be paid up by October so if you send them $25 a month, you should be good) and defined wellness policies, which in this day and age should be implemented even by the smallest indy if not by the government. The idea that you have to pay more, but now you got guys that want to get the NWA back to where it once was is a good thing, guys that want to see wrestlers get booked and make money. For whatever reason Miller decided not to vote with this, and the proposition was pretty clear: either you're with us or you can leave. Strong-armed? or a business that has no room for slackers and wants everyone on thier side to start actually working for a change.

you decide

Posted on Aug 19, 2012, 6:50 PM

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