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Sinec is spelled since. Brodie was gone before TNA, Miller and Brehens did that deal and Rebenburger did everything to kill it because he didn't have his hands in it.As anyone knows Miller didn't talk to Arpo, Reubenburger used him even to the point of forging proxies. And as for Hashimoto, Brodie even knowing, didn't tell Miller that he wasn't going to make the date he was booked for, an outright attempt of a screwjob. Miller promoted it and Brodie played yet again game.So Miller called him on it. He wanted what the deal called for.Now don't forget Brodie and Reubenburger charged Hashimoto $1500 a year membership dues when it was only $300 a year. WHO was screwing Hashimato. NWA had a $300 fee on Champion booking Brodie charged Hashimoto $1500 for Corino. Who screwed Hashimoto.Yes they screwed Miller they had to they were milking the hell of the Japan and they didn't want him talking. Reubenburger kept funds under his bed for a year without making a deposit I wonder how much of that was used.Even when pushed he won't make the deposit. I would guess he blow the money and took the year to get the money back together to put it back in.(Oh thats what Reubenburger is trying to pin on trobich). Brodie was a theft and Bull shitter. Reubenburger can't balance his own checking account,Reubenburger even turned on his so called best friends Brodie and O'Brian.Then sucked up and using them again.No one rewrote the by-laws hell any other time the computer cashed when asked a question and now he's led a say he rewrote something. Reubenburger is a promoter.heahaha when did that happen not in this life.I say perjury.
This will be an interesting week I hear the Ken Taylor case comes up this week on these guys.
Oh their just so much more,haha. Cherry Hill were'd the money go?

Posted on Aug 25, 2012, 12:13 PM

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