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  • Re: bottom line
    • Marcus Knight (no login)
      Posted Jun 24, 2010 7:02 PM

      But obviously no one thinks like you and you obviously arent a worker so again your opinion doesnt matter. Yes I made a mistake doing a favor for Tristan Tyler. I own up to it and I vow to make sure stupid mistakes like that dont happen again. As far as not being trained or being called a untrained yarder Ive already answered this before. I was trained by Shawn Blaze who has been in Indy for quite sometime. Ive been training with Shawn Blaze for years(Not 1 Day but Years) til he felt that I was basically ready to branch out on my own. With that Ive gotten to various promoters thanks to Shawn Blaze and his training and these same promoters see that I have potential enough to keep coming back every month. You all wanna bash me because apparently you have nothing else better to do than run your mouths but its ok because for the 3rd time Ive said it you are making me the center of attention. The Original Poster of this thread I have nothing negative to say about him because obviously he paid attention to what I said and made a clear statement that I am now taking consequence for this "backyard" matter which is true. For the guy after him.....Fuck You Punk. I bet you wouldnt even say it to my face(including the Original Poster that started this whole matter who's a chickenshit and wont reveal himself either) because you know I would embarrass the shit outta you. You wanna call me a "untrained yarder" but yet like another poster on here said Im booked @ various promotions. Yes I admit I made a really stupid decision in going to a Backyard Show I knew nothing about because Tristan Tyler didnt even give me details about it. He asked me if I would work a show with him where he wrestles? As a friend hell yeah bro I'd do that for you. Yes I admit when I got there I thought I had the wrong address just to find Tristan Tyler walking to my car and I had the decision to get back in my car and drive away......but Im to much of a nice guy and I dont leave my friends hanging. Bottom Line is I fucked up for even being there. Bottom Line as a Trained Worker I made a stupid decision and I wont and cant deny it even if I wanted to. Bottom Line Im paying for it tremendously but to get into detail about that is none of your fucking business. Im paying for it and will continue to pay for it til everyone that matters (because the people that dont matter can get shit) feel that Ive redeemed myself. Words like "Untrained Yarder" are just words because obviously Ive proven I dont swing weapons wrapped in shit, Ive proven that I dont get fellow workers hurt when its time to perform in a ring, Ive proven that I know what the fuck Im doing. If I didnt know what the fuck I was doing trust me I would find out the hard way from every worker that knows me and even doesnt. I wouldnt jeopardize them, hell I would make sure they were safe before I was because of how much passion I have for Indy and how much respect I have for them to let me work them. Ive worked guys like Ryan Mitchell, Shane Taylor, Shawn Blaze, Lamont's Trainee's, Mike Rayne, Aaron Draven, Sherman Tank, Rocky Reynolds, Seth Allen,T.C. Reynolds(Doink The Clown), etc. etc. and ask them have they ever got hurt by me? Ask them if I work good enough to be considered a worker. The funny thing is you mother fuckers constantly go on and on about how Im not trained blah blah blah..... Ask anyone of them if Im a yarder. Its also funny that the original poster was so quick to post oh I dont know.....ME at a Backyard Show with Isaac Noonan from PWO. Obviously someone has beef with me considering I have beef with nobody In Indy or anybody anywhere for that matter. Obviously whoever this is can Man up and face me but will go to all lengths of trying to fuck up what I love to do by posting stupid shit that yes I was involved with Tristan Tyler once. It only takes 1 time I get that but the same stupid mother fucker will keep himself a secret. Im not gonna go on a fuckin investigation to find out who's ass is gonna get beat because obviously Id be wasting my time because if and when I do find out who did it wont own up to it. So Whenever he decides to read this Im only going to say this once. If you have beef with me then say it to my face. Dont be a chicken shit faggot ass pussy hiding on the other side of the monitor. If you wanna settle our beef then by all means face me man to man. I guarantee you that when you do own up to it and is man enough to say it to my face I will mess you up. Thats not a threat thats a promise. But I will let you think you got 1 over on me which obviously you did considering I again was your center of attention and you felt the need to post pics and blast me on the indy board. But just remember, once I redeem myself whether you are a worker or just a bitch ass mark I will continue to be a worker wrestling guys that Ive mentioned and more than likely a lot more while you will just be a thing of the past and sit in the sidelines while Im taking your Spotlight. I will be even more driven to surpass you in every way shape or form and when I do I will be right back on the indy board only this time it wont be saying stupid shit about me being a "yarder" it will be about how everybody saw me work and talk about how I stepped my game up, or about sweet ass matches Ive had with various great worker, and will they be talking about you? Fuck No because you are a coward, chickenshit faggot, and obviously desperate because Im getting booked, because everyone that Ive worked has not gotten severely hurt nor hurt at all in a match with me where I bet you have and wanna take the pressure off you and onto me. Its almost as if I already know who it is because it only really links to 1 person but I wont mention names, but if it is who I think it is you got a lot of balls kid. Lemme find out it was you because I will enjoy being a "Untrained Yarder" like you say I am on your bitch ass. I think I just about covered every basis of this so whoever wants to post negatively or gots more shit to talk about me go right ahead but again just one Ive worked against has ever gotten hurt by me and knows that Im trained otherwise they wouldnt have done the match to begin with or wouldve more than likely beat the shit outta me. Simple and Plain. What else is said on here by all you Bitch ass Marks or Bitter and Irritated Workers your bullshit doesnt matter anymore because obviously to all promoters/fans/fellow workers you dont matter where as I do. Fuck You and Have a Nice Day
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