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September 3 2015 at 10:20 PM

Response to Contents of the book

Concerning Thierry's monograph on Vaspurakan: I never tried to compile all the articles about Vaspurakan in the REA. As soon I realized he had published this compilation I decided to rather get a copy of that. Judging from the few examples I've got to compare I think that the monograph is the better choice as it presents the content in a more strucured manner and propably Thierry improved at least some of his initial mistakes. The pictures are in b/w only.

I always found it quite difficult to trace down all of Thierrys articels in all the periodicals he used. Have you ever tried to get your hands on Handes Amsorya? Or Bedi Kartlisa? Taking this into consideration I really appreciated that he published his "Monuments arméniens de Haute-Arménie". Basically it contains older articles and probably also a couple of unpublished findings. Thierry was born in 1916 and "Haute-Arménie" was published in 2005, hence it seems to be highly probable that he (or rather his publisher) used old material. Although this guy must have been a fanatic I can't imagine a almost 90 year old french guy scrutinizing remote areas in Anatolia...

For me Thierry is the most important guiding star whenever travelling in eastern Turkey. I do not expect to find any buildings, ruins, or remains in the same condition they were described decades ago (I regret that but have to accept sad reality). But due to the incredible zeal of Jean-Michel and Nicole Thierry I vistited dozens of places I would never have found on my own.

During the past 25 years I collected a vast stock of publications about Armenian, Georgian, Byzantine, and Assyrian Architecture, mainly in nowadays Turkey. Starting from Lynch, Bachmann, Strzygowski and some other scholars and travelers from the 19th and beginning 20th century there was a kind of boom in the 60ies and 70ies (at least concerning Armenian Architecture). I've got the impression that since that time more contemporary publications tend to reproduce basically older findings. I think that means that there are no more remote surprises left. The last one I read about was the quite significante Georgian church in the mountains above Dört Kilise that Bruno Baumgartner discovered in the 90ies...

All the best and thanks for all your efforts and passion with VirtualAni.


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