Shirakamut Site DESTROYED

September 10 2015 at 8:55 PM

Response to Shirakamut Site Restored


There is now no protection at all given to historical Armenian churches and monasteries within Armenia. The corrupt Armenian Church and its corrupt benefactors are allowed by Armenian laws to do whatever they want with them.

Armenia truly is a criminal state - its president is a criminal, its prime minister is a criminal, the leader of the main opposition party is a criminal, all the provincial governors and most of the town mayors are criminals, the police and judiciary are full of criminals and run for the benefit of criminals, 30% of the Armenian economy is personally controlled by criminals, a criminal heads the Armenian Church and appoints his criminal allies to positions of authority within that Church. criminals head the universities (dishing out fake qualifications to their oligarch paymasters while suppressing legitimate academia which has all but been replaced by ranting pseudo-historians and extreme nationalist groups like LCO. All the assets of Armenia, be they natural resources, cultural monuments, or the dwindling population itself, are treated like they were the personal property of those criminals.

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