The forbidden comments

September 11 2015 at 4:29 PM

Response to Re: Armenian Weekly


My comment that Armenian Weekly decided not to publish was mostly a response to the completely inadequate content of the comments made by others. We have one suggesting that everyone should just write letters to the president of Armenia. Write letters to the appointed figurehead of those who are causing the problems! We have another saying that all that is needed is to wait for "new blood" to arrive and who conveniently forgets concepts like inheritance and dynasties which mean that the new blood will be mostly of exactly the same blood as those elites making the problems now.

I went on to say that not only do these elites act with legal impunity, they have no reasons to curb their worst excesses because they have no fear of any retribution coming in any form. I said that the ordinary population of Armenia needs to realise that it is they who should be providing that fear of ultimate retribution. I concluded by rhetorically asking are there no shops in Armenia that sell rope, or no lampposts there strong enough to support the weight of a fat oligarch, or nobody left in Armenia with the skill to tie slipknots?

I guess implying, even rhetorically, that Dodi Gago and his ilk would look nice dangling from the end of a rope was too much for Armenian Weekly!

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