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August 13 2016 at 3:27 AM

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Garden of Eden Tour

Clearly, there are many mysteries to be unravelled at Karahan Tepe, and it is something I intend spending time doing in the coming years. Hugh and I hopefully will return there in September as part of the Garden of Eden tour, which begins on September 1st. We would love you to join us out there.

Sites to be visited on the tour include Göbekli Tepe, Harran, Sanliurfa, Çayönü, Nemrut Dag (both of them), Sogmatar, the Armenian church of Akhtamar on Lake Van, the plain of Mush and Armenian Highlands, which include the best candidates by far for the site of the Garden of Eden, the Mountain of God, and Mount Hermon, the Place of Descent of the Watchers, as well as the Fountain of Paradise at the Alevi shrine of Muska (where al-Khidr and Alexander the Great are supposed to have gained immortality). We go also to the Eden Monastery at Yeghrdut, where the Armenian monks not only believed they occupied some quiet corner of Eden, but also possessed what they saw as a piece of the Tree of Life, as well as the container in which were the dregs of the terrestrial form of the Oil of Mercy said to ooze like sap from the Tree of Life. This precious oil could supposedly bestow immortality on any living thing that came into its presence, while a visit to the monastery itself could make a person younger by as much as twenty years, the reason why Moslems and Christians alike came here from all over the region to seek healing and rejuvenation. This incredible site, located on the slopes of the Eastern Taurus Mountains, overlooks the plain of Mush through which passes the River Euphrates, one of the four rivers of Paradise.

There is even a token source of the Euphrates at Yeghrdut, which once appeared from beneath an “evergreen” tree, where the above-mentioned artefacts were apparently found in the fourth century of the Christian era (I gave away small fragments of this tree with the special edition of Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods).

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