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Shirtless problem

July 22 2004 at 1:54 AM
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Mike  (Login NudistMike08)

Hi, im Mike, I am a 19 yr old shirtless man from California. I have a bit of a problem here. I like to go shirtless alot and lately I cant do it because alot of places near me, many of them I like to go to and some I HAVE TO wont let me in unless ive got a shirt on. I find this to be unfair and ive emailed several of their companies and ive gotten back emails from about 40% of them and they all say that shirts are required and usually give either "a public place" excuse or "offends people" excuse. I got one disturbing email from a mall near me which seemed rather rude....

"Dear Mike,

Thank you for your concerns. You are exactly right when you mention the health, safety and public concerns as key ingredients in the making of our code of conduct. We want your shopping experience here to be not only enjoyable, but as safe as possible. As a shopping center, we try our best to cater to the vast majority of our patrons. And, most, if not all of them, have no problem wearing shirts while they shop.

We really appreciate the fact that you are a conscious, well-mannered and well-groomed patron of ours and we hope that you continue to enjoy shopping here.

Lastly, thank you for taking the time to write and voice your concerns. We are always eager to get feedback from our customers.

Thanks again,"

That email was from a man named Eddie Ollman from Westfield malls and that email is like many others ive gotten. This guy seemed rather rude in the fact that he said basically that my problem isnt imporant because being shirtless in his opinion is contrary to health, saftey and public standards and he thinks that i shouldnt need to be shirtless because everyone else is happy wearing one. Of all the emails ive gotten, this one seems to be the most rude of them all, im sure the guy meant well but its just stupid. These malls let in people who talk offensive, act rude by bumping into people and not caring about courtest AT ALL, they wear offensive clothing, they say the F word every other word and talk about things most people wouldnt want their kids to hear. Basically these malls tolerate all this nonsense but have a problem with me going without a shirt, this is true at most places ive been to and ill give you a complete list of the places

The Village
Vans Skate Park
InNOut ive only seen one of these force me to wear a shirt so far
OCTA its the public transit system
Dukes they used to have a NSNSNS sign so I assume its against their rules
Public Library

Thats my whole list as far as I know. Most other places fall into about 3 categories

1. Places that have NS signs but dont enforce the rules
2. Places that dont have NS signs and ive gone into shirtless
3. Places that dont have NS signs but im afraid to go in shirtless because I dont know the rules

I have seen very few places that actually have the NSNSNS signs but all those ones I mentioned above still enforce the rules and have some shirt rule hidden in some out of the way handbook that patrons cannot read unless they ask about the rule.

I actually went to a Mcdonalds shirtless 5 times and the manager saw me all of those times and said nothing and then someday a group of young girls and two adults came in and were in line after I got my order and I was waiting for it shirtless like usual and then after I got my order the manager told me to bring a shirt next time and I think one of those adults complained to the manager because I think one of the children got offended by the sight of me. Im just upset because she DID NOT have the shirt rule posted and she waited 5 visits to tell me to bring a shirt and I dont think those girls coming in and the manager telling me to get a shirt is a coincidence. Also other shirtless males have come in before and she has said nothing to them and some of them were kids, but a couple were adults.

Im just really upset because many of these places have shirt rules and its not just a matter of going someplace else all of the time because alot of the places require shirts. What really bugs me is that to get around anywhere outside of my area I have to ride the bus, its my only way to get around and they require shirts and I want to take mine off and it means I have to take it off and put it on every time I get on or off a bus and its annoying. I sent them an email but got a negative response back. I just wish there was some sort of law or ordinance I could use to legitimize my being shirtless on the bus considering im a male and its legal to be shirtless and the bus is my only way to get around and my parents ride the bus frequently and have done so for many years. I want my shirtless lifestyle to be a big part of my life and yet these places deny me my rights. I hope someone here can help me or at least direct me to someplace or someone who can.

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