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The Len Barrie Saga

January 31 2012 at 10:57 AM
BC  (Login thebc)
from IP address

Can someone explain some sort of timeline on this guy? I know he used to own the Lightning and heard he couldn't get along with the other owners and that ended, so he bought the Grizz and started getting into realty ultimately losing millions of investors money and slowly running himself as well as his newly acquired BCHL franchise into the ground? Am I correct here? I've heard words like "Rockstar" and "Playboy" associated with his name, am I totally wrong here? Can someone explain to me what the deal is with this guy in a basic rundown of events?



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(Login Monty48)

Re: The Len Barrie Saga

January 31 2012, 2:47 PM 

Very arrogrant man does'nt care about anybody but himself got selfish with investors money and lost everything his waterfront home on cowichan lake is where he is living until they foreclose on that property.Len does'nt care seen him on t.v. the other day saying just a change in his life no big deal.

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bob gillespie
(Login bobg1)

Re: The Len Barrie Saga

January 31 2012, 6:57 PM 

I guess my initial impression of Barrie was spot on.

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(Login topshelf9966)

Re: The Len Barrie Saga

February 1 2012, 2:58 PM

His house of cards is crumbling at his feet. How many people do you think will do business with him now or in the future?

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(Login network54login)

Re: The Len Barrie Saga

February 1 2012, 9:51 PM 

Hi, well I'm no expert on Len Barrie, but as for a timeline, I believe yours is off a bit. Or just in the wrong order. I'm not saying any of what I lay out is fact but just my own understanding of the timeline for Len Barrie's rise and fall.
Former NHLer
Wanted to develop Bear Mountain Resort and Golf Course and had to fight some legal fights for that. He won.
Got several current and former NHLers to invest.
That money started supporting a more lavish lifestyle that included buying the Vic Salsa and renamed them the Grizzlies and moved them into Bear Mountain Arena (I am not sure if Bear Mountain Resort provided money for this rink but the name suggests so to me)
He actually also bought a Midget AAA team, in that he coached the Juan de Fuca Midget AAA team and there were rumours he was giving incentives to get players to play for the team even when they were from outside of the associations draw area by "leasing" condos on Bear Mountain for parents to have as their residence for the hockey season. At least they were successful at winning the provincial championships.
He and Oren Koules, bought the Tampa Bay Lightning and then eventually bumped heads over how to run the team and they both sold off their parts. Around this time Barrie was feeling the heat from some former NHLers such as Sean Burke who were feeling ripped off in their investments in Bear Mountain and that has all led to where he is now. Lots of holes in there I'm sure but that's the basic order as I understand it as well as a random tidbit about him blowing more money on less than honest means for the minor team.

Perhaps others can fill it in more.

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(Login thebc)

Re: The Len Barrie Saga

February 1 2012, 9:59 PM 

That's interesting, I had no idea that Len bought a "AAA" team, sounds like quite the shady character. What a crazy turn of events though to what got him to where he is now.

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(Login pontcanna)


February 1 2012, 10:07 PM 

A minor story in the Barrie Saga (between the NHL and Bear Mountain) was his extended pissing contest with Royal Colwood Golf Club:

"In 1999 Len Barrie, failed Bear Mountain developer, had a run-in with the Royal Colwood over an infamous illegal tree removal incident. The ex NHL player lived in a house that backed onto the golf course. He hired a contractor to cut down 28 trees—Douglas firs, an arbutus and a few wild cherries—that ran between his property and the green. He was trying to 'improve' his view.

Some of the trees were as much as 16 metres beyond Barrie's property line. The Royal Colwood sued Barrie for $18,500 and, after several appeals, he settled for $14,700. The golf club revoked Barrie's membership, which caused him to throw a tantrum and cut more trees over on Bear Mountain in order to build his very own golf course."

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(Login AlmightyPundit)

Re: The Len Barrie Saga

February 2 2012, 8:39 AM 

For a guy that no one likes (Len Barrie) he sure gets a lot of attention! Why all this gossip and drama over someone not worthy of it?... Beats me!!!

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(Login Malaspina)

Len is Definitely 'Not' Dull

February 2 2012, 9:11 AM 

When Campbell River hosted the BCAHA Bantam AAA Tournament a few years ago Mr. Barrie was definitely seen and heard.Since the NHL was locked out at the time a sports writer for a major Vancouver paper was in attendance and made some interesting comments about the actions of individuals associated with the tournament.

And Len Barrie is far from the worst owner in BCHL history.Remember the Burnaby Bulldogs fiasco or a previous owner of the Merritt Centennials.Somebody should write a book!

Len Barrie gets attention because he is a black eye for the BCHL and is harming a franchise.Also Len is a very interesting personality.

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(Login AlmightyPundit)

Re: Len is Definitely 'Not' Dull

February 2 2012, 11:12 PM 

Ah yes! I should of know... Controversy!

People love to hate. :-D

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