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June 15 2009 at 2:37 PM
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Simon Nichodemus 

Hi All,

Hello everyone,

As a student leader for PNGSAV I feel that I have a duty to remind you all again of racist and dicriminate issues currently affecting Indian students terribly all around Australia, particularly in Melbourne. Following through to the TV news and media, the events surrounding Indian students being affected, not only through racist and discriminated but also bashed up almost to death is something you and I as international students do not want to see and hear about it. My perception on these issues is that Indian students are portraying on one side coin to the media and authorities. Some say it is to do with racist and discriminate but the root cause is unknown.The issue is extremely tense to current as we all aware upto date.
The paramount important point I would like to make or tell you (students) is that we are no different to issues affecting Indian students in the name of International students, although we are sponsored by Ausaid. We are all in the same boat. As a student leader I challenge you to take extra precautions while moving around. Melbourne is no longer safe place anymore as perceived initially. As more and more multicultural communities are building up, law and order problems are eminent and it is happening now as you can see. In addition, the message to you all now is if anyone in anyway is being harassed, discriminated or racists of any sort I would strongly advice you to report immediately to the PNGSAV and believe me we will do all we can to report this to Ausaid and apropriate authorities for action. I am absolutely certain this will happen or this must have happened long time ago to you but you have not reported it, now PNGSAV is opening the door for students to come forth and tell us how you are being treated. This is extremely a serious issue and do not let such enviroments distract your studies. There is a way out and PNGSAV is opening the way out now. All we want is, we want to study in a safe,care and racist free enviroment and see or visit many places as much as we can and return to our country -PNG with fond memories. No one wants to study in a hostile prejudice and fearful enviroment. Do you? No! therefore please do not hesitate to report any discriminatory or racists.

Next, despite heavy study pressures the 2009 committed executives are trying their best to revive PNGSAV slowlly to set up the basic fundamentals of the association. We have liaised with a lot of multicultural offices on how PNGSAV could be part and parcel off and involve and so far we have received some sound responses.

Remember, PNGSAV student association is NOT here only to celebrate happy hours organise gatherings as someone might think. No, that's a totally wrong perception about our PNGSAV. PNGSAV is beyond that perception and one of the reason PNGSAV exist is such as above issue mentioned. I do not want us to think low about our association but bet your support so we could talk big on behalf of students issues.

To end, I warn you to be extra cautious when travelling around Melbourne because the state is severely chgallenged with some citical issues such as swine flu (although it is mild), racist, discriminate, harassment, killing around the suburbs) and etc.

In conclusion, I strongly advise you all to pass the word around to those students who are not listed on address.

I will put this same message on the PNGSCAPE.


Simon Nichodemus
PNGSAV president
Melbourne, Victoria

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