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May 26 2012 at 8:03 AM
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ara baliozian  (Login baliozianara)
Armenian Cafe

Thursday, May 24, 2012
The 1% have been in the business of deceiving the 99%
for such a long time that they think
it is their human right to do so.
If anyone had suggested to Sultan Abdulhamid II
that the Empire could no longer afford 1000 concubines in his harem
but only 750 or even 900, my guess is
the Sultan would have demanded the man’s head on a platter.
This may well be one reason why Kemal is now thought of
as a great statesman as opposed to a promiscuous alcoholic.
Some scholars have asserted that Louis XIV
never said “L’etat c’est moi.”
He didn’t have to.
Judging by the way he lived, he had no doubt on that score.
The 1% of small nations can commit big blunders
as surely as big nations can commit bigger ones.
The 99% have been duped for such a long time that
they consider being duped as an inevitable fact of life,
like death and taxes.
An eminent physician once asserted that
he had scientific proof of the fact that
death is not inevitable
and immortality is attainable here on earth.
He died a wealthy man.
Friday, May 25, 2012
What divides us is not truth but propaganda.
If genocide cannot unite us, what can?
Surely not a million
or, for that matter, a million and a half
sermons, speeches, editorials, and lamentations.
Behind every propaganda line there is a big lie,
and behind every big lie
there is a cunning operator whose ultimate aim
is not liberty, equality, and fraternity
but cannibalism.
In so far as they divide mankind,
rabbis, imams, and bishops preach not the word of God
but that of the Devil.
As long as they deny the Genocide
and as long as we remain divided
we speak not as men but as parrots.
The aim of all propaganda is
to paralyze the mind and to abolish thinking.
Think of propaganda as another dirty trick
that the 1% plays on the 99%.
Saturday, May 26, 2012
I write for Armenians,
therefore my life has been a waste of time.
When a speechifier speaks of freedom,
he means slavery;
and when a sermonizer speaks of God,
he means the Devil.
I believe in one God
who is Unknown and Unknowable.
It is not my ambition to speak the truth,
only to advance in its direction.
Where the 1% are divided,
so will the 99%.
Where there are dividers,
there will be dupes.
To sum up the ideas of Baronian, Odian, and Massikian:
Ours is a leadership of morons and their brown-nosers.
If you can’t convince a hundred,
then sow seeds of doubt in just one.

Warning: If you ever receive an e-mail from me

asking for financial assistance,

please ignore it.

It's probably from a pirate in Somalia.

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